My teaching experience and interests range widely in the history of the Middle East and modern Europe. At the University of Chicago, I taught for several years in the Classics of Social and Political Thought sequence, designed to introduce first- and second-year undergraduates to the problems and approaches of social theory from Plato to Beauvoir. Two of the syllabi I designed can be found here: [Spring 2015 syllabus – PDF] [Winter 2016 syllabus – PDF].

I also assistant-taught a survey course on the history of the modern Middle East within the University’s Islamic History and Society sequence, as well as a first-year undergraduate seminar on Readings in World Literature. In my final year at Chicago, I taught a course of my own design sponsored by the Humanities Division entitled “Islamic Political Thought in the Global Era” [syllabus – PDF],” which was featured in Tableau, the magazine of the Humanities Division.

From 2015 to 2017, I helped lead the Race and Pedagogy Working Group, dedicated to cultivating new pedagogical tools and approaches for teaching about race across the disciplines. At the same time, I was a teaching consultant and then a fellow with the Chicago Center for Teaching, where I helped design and lead workshops on a range of subjects, including a series on “Fundamentals of Teaching in the Humanities.” All that thinking and teaching about pedagogy led me to write a number of reflections that are gathered at Inside Higher Ed. (Here is a link to my favorite one: “When I first started teaching college students, I was pretty sure I knew how to handle them….”)

Methodologically, I’m committed to cultivating classroom practices that treat students as scholars of the subjects we are studying together. To that end, I teach my students to make full use of writing as an essential tool for thinking. All of my courses emphasize the cultivation of effective writing techniques, which I teach by assigning short public reflections, carefully scaffolded projects, and other methods I developed as an instructor of Academic and Professional Writing with the University of Chicago Writing Program. To that end, I have developed a guide to essay-writing for students, available here: [Guide to Writing, Revising, and Submitting Essays – PDF].